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nathan and aidenNathan requested that I send out an update on his son Aiden’s condition to relieve the minds of those that heard about his accident. For those of you who did not hear what happened, last Thursday, the 10th of May, Nathan’s younger brother Stephen was going to take Aiden and Evelyn out for a bicycle ride. While Stephen was strapping Evelyn into the bike seat, Aiden took his bike out into the road. At the same time a young woman on a moped was coming too fast to stop, and ran over the five year old.

With his head bleeding profusely, and many scrapes and bumps, the neighbors helped and took Aiden and his mother to the hospital there. The doctors at the hospital did their best, but suggested that the boy be taken to the city with as much speed possible in the case of internal bleeding- which they were not equiped to handle.nathan and aiden
The neighbors not only rushed them across the lagoon in their own boat, but then also lent Nathan their car in order to take Aiden to the bigger hospital.
Several years back, these same neighbors (drug dealers in the area) boat was sinking with them in it, and Nathan managed to rescue not only them, but the boat also. Some of us might have questioned the importance of saving the boat at the time- with the fact of what it was used for- but now, without a doubt, God used, in His wonderful wisdom, used that circumstance, and I can only say: Praise God!
Aiden is doing quite well himself, and thankfully there was no internal bleeding, though he did have to have three stitches for his head wound, the rest are just scrapes and bruises.
Nathan would like to express his thanks to everyone praying for them, and just say that God is good.

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