Missionaries Without Boundaries /  Nathan Lloyd-Jones: Newsletter March, 2015
Nathan Lloyd-Jones: Newsletter March, 2015

God is moving,
His Spirit hovers over us and the thrill of what he wants to do and that we get to be a part of that huge plan is overwhelming! Have you ever had a vision or prophesy over your life and had to wait for it? Well, I have. Many of you may know the first one that I had to wait for. It was the day I was born, Ronda, (A friend of my Mom’s) said, “God is calling this child to go to the nations.,” and by the mercy of God I’m here teaching His word. It’s exciting to feel God’s presence and his guidance.

Vision: When I came to Honduras I had a vision to disciple and train leaders. But God had to take me to the “back-side of the desert” first (I’ve loved the training and preparation proses and so glad I didn’t try to skip out on His maturing me.) when I got here I was handed a vision that wasn’t mine, I came to disciple leaders! God said clearly to me, “Be faithful in what’s before you.” I have seen his hand molding and making me the man he wants me to be (don’t get me wrong I still lack about 70 years of training and even then I’ll be short.) Almost two years ago God spoke to us and said, “Change is coming, make the preparations you need to,” that word had gotten buried a little in the hustle of life. The other day I was talking with Frank and he said “Nathan, the things we’ve been talking about are going to be a huge gear shift, it’s going to be a big jump.” My spirit leapt in me the words came to my heart, “Here’s that change I warned you about.”

So what’s happening? Frank knows he won’t always be around in the last few months I’ve seen him become very focused on completing the vision God gave him. The deep Mosquitia is the last missions frontier, He wants to see the need for missionaries, pastors, and churches in this reign, completed. So we’re going into leadership training and sending. He’s been doing this but now I will be working with him full time. We’re partnering with a university professor to help us with the teaching and legal side and to get our leaders degrees (I’ll be one of them taking the school courses, I’m GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!.) Frank and I will be focusing on the personal growth of the men. There is an abundance of trainings out there but very few that deal with character, because to deal with character you need to have relation and community, this requires time and much sacrifice of personal time. We want to have a program that dose not only teach men how to study God’s word but how to put it into practice in their own lives.

How will this work? We’ll be studying our book material on our own, (Frank has offered tutoring for those who need it.) We’ll be meeting every two weeks for group studies and evaluations and every six weeks for testing. Frank and I will take two to four days out of every week to really spend time with the men to challenge their areas of needed growth. I’ll be working outreaches with them and going to work with them in their daily environment.

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