Missionaries Without Boundaries /  Nathan Lloyd-Jones Newsletter Jan. 2018
Change of Plans.
Rebecca and I had many plans for the beginning of this new year. But that all got put on hold when we took our first visit to the doctor. Because of our trip to the states and the political unrest in Honduras, upon our return, we had not gotten a chance to have a baby check up.

Back in 2014 we had some complications with Tristen’s birth; during this check up the doctor informed us that we have the same complication this time (which is: the blood flow to the uterus is very low and the baby can’t get the nutrients that he needs to grow sufficiently. This is very critical for the last few months of pregnancy). This time, he told us, the problem is a little worse. Last time, Rebecca had to stay in the city for the last two months for constant monitoring, bed rest, and healthy fatty foods.
Our original plan was to go to the missions hospital, where we took Tristen last year when he was sick. We really enjoyed the English speaking, Christian doctors there, and also the costs there were much closer to our budget, because the doctors work voluntarily. The doctor in La Ceiba, the closest city to us, did the check up and gave us the information and what he was worried about.
Our baby is due April 11th. So, we had planned to go back out to our home, and Rebecca would go back to the city in about three weeks. When Rebecca told the doctor our plans, he politely asked if we could find another doctor because he didn’t want to risk the health of the baby or Rebecca; that made us realize the situation was more serious then we thought.
 At this moment there are no complications, besides the baby being smaller then he should be, but there is a very high chance that there could be. This has hit Rebecca and I hard. We’re praying about what to do, but we’re constantly bombarded with attacks of fear. We pray through each one, but it’s hard when it’s your children.
 She will be leaving this Sunday to stay in the city, and that means we’ll be apart for almost 3 months. We also are trying to find a place for her to stay that would be comfortable and affordable.
The presidential inauguration is on the 27th of this month. Protesting and bridge blocking is supposed to start around the 20th. During that time we’ll be renting a small room for her to stay in the city. Once things clear up on the roads she’ll probably stay with some missionary friends outside of La Ceiba until she has the baby.
I share this so you know how to pray for us. Love you all and thank you for your prayers.
In other news, we are finishing up the final requirements for graduating our pastors. If all goes as planned, we want to have a graduation ceremony toward the end of April.
Our ministry plans for Plaplaya (starting a house church) will be put on hold for a little bit while Rebecca is out.
Frank and Tami will be visiting for the month of March to come and help us, and to check up on the ministry here. We’re very excited about getting to see them!
Our trip to the states was very blessed! We can’t thank you all enough for your care and generosity. We are looking forward to what God has planned for this year. He has always been faithful and will continue to remain faithful. We are so honored to get to serve Him here in Honduras and are thankful for your help in being able to do that.
Have a Jesus filled day,
Nathan, Rebecca, and the kids


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