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20170117_105742   I’m going to keep this letter short and hopefully send them more often. To share everything that is going on would be too much, and most wouldn’t read it all anyway (myself included).

  When I think of the twelve disciples, I’m so thankful and encouraged. Jesus took the low, uneducated poor class of people (save Matthew) and through them changed the world.  It’s unbelievable!


When you consider the time, place, and people he chose to use, it was an impossible feat.  Rome was destroying their culture, taking over their home and heavily taxing them all; Jerusalem was in constant division and strife; the leaders were corrupt; the people had nothing to hold to or stand on; the disciples had no education and most had families for which they needed to provide. Yet, Jesus trained them and then filled them with the power of his Holy Spirit, and they, through that training and power, changed the world.  Today, two thousand years later, we hold the writings of uneducated fishermen in our hands and we use those writings to teach and train others; that’s a MIRACLE!  That’s the power of the Holy Spirit!

This is where I find my strength and encouragement.  By human standards I should not be in the position I am.  By human standards the men and culture I work with are impossible; they are an uneducated, poor, divided culture.  But I have this book in my hand that promises that through Christ all is possible.

At times Jesus used phrases where we can see his frustration with his disciples, “Oh you of little faith why did you doubt, how much longer will I be with you! Get thee behind me!  Do you still not understand!  Do you still not believe!”  If the process of making disciples was easy Jesus would have done it in six months rather then three years (and he aced the process!).

With the men we’re discipling we have steps forward and steps back, but we remember that the process is indeed a process, and we take joy in the small steps of victory!

We just finished our second year of Bible school with our pastors.  We had a training conference and our professors came from the city to train us.  They asked me, “Nathan, what is your secret? Your student scores are higher than any of our other classes, your people are motivated, your students walk an hour to get to class, and you’ve had a very low drop out rate. What are you doing?”  My friend Wilinton responded, “Lollipops. He gives us lollipops in class; that’s the secret.”  We all laughed, but in reality it’s the grace of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit.  I can’t claim any of the the glory it is all God’s.

To those who donated the Love Dare books, thank you!  We got them in this week and will be starting them with our group next week.

I thank you all for your prayers for Tristen.  He’s so much better!  Sometime we’d like to share on that story, but that will be for another day!

Love you all so much,

Nathan and family


Things to pray for:

Chuck and Katie Gehmen will be moving back to the states in the summer.  Pray that they would have a blessed transition into a new chapter in their lives.  Pray that a Family would accept the call to missions and come and work with us here.  We have been very blessed getting to live with and work with Chuck and Katie and will greatly miss the fellowship. Pray for the pastors that they have the strength to continue on in their study.  Pray for the men who will be going through the Love Dare book with us.  Pray against sickness (it has been an attack on everyone working with us!).  Pray for protection and safety in all our travels and around our homes.  Pray for me to have strength to finish my schooling and to be able to teach my students well.

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