Missionaries Without Boundaries /  Nathan Lloyd-Jones – March 2012

I was helping one of my students today in their literature book and it said a blank page can be very intimidating. I’ll just say, I feel very intimidated right now. There are so many good things I could be doing and writing is one of my least favorite things to be doing. But the same thing that motivates me to witness to the man on the path is the same that motivates me now; someone might receive encouragement or even better, get radical!

Next weekend we’ll be starting our first pastor’s retreat with four couples from the Mosquito Coast. I’m very excited because something like this is almost never done. We’ll be providing a weekend getaway for pastors and their wives, all expenses paid. I’ll be helping Frank Monterroso challenge them to communicate affection to each other and their children. Our goal is to get them thinking and talking together, and making practical decisions to grow together. We don’t just want to give them more teachings because the Mosquito Indians are as good as us Americans at hearing; getting fired up, and then doing nothing.

Stephen, my younger brother, is here now. He is helping me in all the ministries and learning to be self-motivated, or better put, God-motivated in all he does. He’s doing a survey with some boys in the youth group of how many widows and extremely poor people live in Palacios (our village) so we can get the youth and church involved in helping them. We’d really like to teach the youth to think outside the four walls of the church and start being the hands and feet of Jesus.

God’s helping me disciple two young men named Mario and Alan. I think they’re both ready to become radical in their walk with God, and sacrifice all for Him. It so much fun disciplining them, and such an honor.

It’s funny, sometimes things go really well; my ministries grow and flourish, my disciples do amazing things, and finances are great. It’s at these times that I start giving advice, or at least thinking it, because my fruit is in full bloom. Its right about at that time when I speak in pride and fall. I think King Solomon had something to say about that. I’ve been begging God to keep me from this attitude. I want to become more like my mother, who, when every time is asked how she raised 8 children who both love and serve God, replies, “It’s all the grace of God. I don’t know anything.” It’s kind of crazy, because when someone asks me how my parents did it, I start giving an intensive teaching on all the things people can do to do the same. You see, I’ve got it all figured out…NOT. What a fool I can be, but I thank God for disciplining me as his son and take joy in remembering Hebrews 12:5-11 and James 1:2. Jesus said, “Blessed are those who are poor in Spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.” Poor in Spirit means being a beggar for God’s presents in your life. A beggar doesn’t go out on Sunday morning for two hours and get his finances for the week he begs every day just to get through that day. He has nothing, is nothing, and knows nothing. I want to be that way, too. Thankfully God answers my prayers, and every time I think I’ve got it He lovingly pulls the floor out. LET’S BE DESPERATE FOR GOD!

We love you all so much and are so humbled by your prayers and love,


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