Missionaries Without Boundaries /  Nathan Lloyd-Jones – February 2012

My family and I had a wonderful time in the states, but we are happy to be home.  Two days after I got back, I went on a mission’s trip with my brother-in-law, Chuck.  We went to the far, east corner of Honduras, which was my first trip in that direction at all.  I really enjoyed it!

     I know taking 5 minutes to read this newsletter is a huge sacrifice, seeing that the opening rate is about 30 % of those we send out.

I say this, not because I am offended or put out, but honored for those of you who take the time to see what is up in Honduras.  I also struggle to find the time to read newsletters.  As foolish as it may sound, 5 minutes sometimes feels like 30 when your time demands 20 hours, and you are squeezing 19, at best.

    My family and I had a wonderful time in the states, but we are happy to be home.  Two days after I got back, I went on a mission’s trip with my brother-in-law, Chuck.  We went to the far, east corner of Honduras, which was my first trip in that direction at all.  I really enjoyed it! I got to meet many new people, and visited with some other missionaries.  This was my first trip as a translator, and I enjoyed it tremendously. No planning, no figuring, just following the leader.

School will be starting the 6thof February.  My brother, Stephen, is coming to help me this year with the school, so if you would like to pray for him, or support him, that would be wonderful.  He is a huge answer to prayer, and I’m so excited to get to spend time ministering with him.

Ryan and Natalie, the family that had been helping us last year, will be building a house this year in upper Palacios and are in the states now raising money for that.

We are starting a pastor’s couples retreat for the pastors and their wives of the mesquite coast to have a weekend get away with Biblical and relational encouragement; our first weekend will be March 16th, so you can be praying for those pastors. I hope to be able tell more in my next letter.

Rebecca also hit the ground running, and ran a little too hard.  She got sick, right before I got back from my trip, with a strong chest cough and high fevers. It has been almost 3 weeks now, and she is finally feeling better.  Thank you so much for you prayers!

( I wrote this next section at the end of two weeks, not specifically for this newsletter, but to remember what God has been teaching me through this time. Since I have it, I would like to share it with you. )

My wife Rebecca has been sick for the last few weeks, and I believe God wanted to teach me something; I’ve been reading the book S.I., and in this book the author teaches that sexual addiction’s root cause is unfaithfulness. The person dealing with sexual addiction, of any kind, is addicted to self. The flesh screams, “Take, take, take, I want more! My time, my pleasure, my rights, my life, I deserve, I, I, I, me, me, me.” I have been learning that gratitude quenches the fire of lust. A thankful spirit destroys the driving passion for sex because it creates contentment within a man’s heart.

Over the past 2 weeks I have been serving my wife. I always serve and take care of my wife very much, and bend over backwards to make her feel better. In the past this has produced a raunchy attitude in my heart. As I served, I began to have thoughts, “I’m such a great husband. I take care of my wife so well, and I deserve a treat.” For the sake of whoever may read this I will stop here, but you see where my thoughts are going? I have been reading this book throughout this time of Rebecca’s sickness, and about day 6 I was feeling a little self-worthy. I said a little prayer in my mind, “Lord, how did you serve 24/7, and not get selfish and say, ‘I need me time’? Help me develop your heart.” I now realize that prayer was answered. My wife got worse, and it has been extremely hard to take care of the children, house, mission, and prepare for school starting next week, but God has been developing character in me. Please do not take me for a saint. I have battled with many kinds of selfishness, and have failed some. For the first time God is giving me a grace to say “no” to myself. He is giving me an on-the-job training for my prayer.

Also, he has given me much grace to do all that needs to be done, and made me realize how much I really can do. I have an issue with forgetfulness, especially with the things my wife asks me not to do, but in this time I have had extra brain power to be aware of the needs and desires of all those around me. I cannot claim any of these abilities; in fact, it is only God’s grace. The reason I write this is because I do not want to forget how God is sufficient in our weakness, and servitude and gratitude are such freeing things. It has been very hard, but very enjoyable, to walk through this. My only prayer, and sometimes worry, is that God heals Rebecca before school starts, but even if He does not, I know He will give me the grace and provision to walk it out.

So, there it is the awesomeness of our mighty God!

I wish I could describe the thankful news in our hearts for those of you who love and take care of us. I do not say it lightly; in fact, my eyes are filled with tears. We really felt loved and cared for by everyone we got to visit. We love you all so, so much, and pray for you often.



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