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Col 4:2 Be persistent in prayer, and keep alert as you pray, giving thanks to God.

Eph 6:18 Do all this in prayer, asking for God’s help. Pray on every occasion, as the Spirit leads. For this reason keep alert and never give up; pray always for all God’s people.

Hello to all our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. We hope and pray that all is well with you. So much has happened here this past month that it’s hard to know where to start. We are all doing well and have just recently celebrated the marriage of my youngest sister Megan. We have been so blessed and are constantly reminded of God’s love for us.

As we have mentioned before in previous newsletters we feel that God has been calling us out of the ministry with the school and further out on the coast into other ministries, mainly a discipleship program that Nathan would be doing with the local pastors in the surrounding area. We had hoped to spend this year and part of next year preparing the school for our departure (we would be moving further up the coast into a more remote area) so that when we left the school it would be capable of functioning on its own. Part of that process would include a higher number of students registered in the school. We were working towards that goal when a terrible act of violence had a major impact on not only our school but the entire community.

We have mentioned before how drug trafficking is a main source of income for many of the people living along the coast of Honduras. Men and young boys see it as a way to make quick easy money; money that they hope to use to make a better life for themselves and their families. There is a huge amount of violence that comes into the villages because of this, such as feuding between different drug cartels, and people who start using the drugs and create an addiction they can’t afford so they turn to thievery in an attempt to support their addiction.

The act of violence that had such an effect on our school is something that is not uncommon in our area. When one drug cartel acts out in violence towards another cartel in the hopes of gaining more control over the drugs being moved in the area.

It was some time after 9:00 p.m. and there was a birthday celebration a few houses down from our home. A woman named Lita, whom I have known since I first moved down here with my parents when I was 3, had invited her friends and family to celebrate her birthday that night. That was when men dressed in military uniforms approached the house and asked the men at the party to come out with their hands up. Once they had done as they were asked the men disguised as military opened fire on them shooting, killing 9 and wounding 2. Our dear friend Gian, who had lived with us for about a year while he was in our school, was shot and killed that night, he was only 19; and Lita was forced to watch as two of her sons were shot and killed.

In the days that followed other members of that family received threats, and in a matter of two weeks we had only two students left in the school. Most of the families who had their children in our school had moved away in fear of being attacked just for being related to certain people, and the few that remained left for fear that the school would not be capable of functioning with so few students. And so after working in the school for over 8 years we have had to close that area of our ministry and even though we had already felt God calling us in another direction it wasn’t easy to let go of the school.

Now although we aren’t working in the school we still continue to minister to the people in our area. Nathan is continuing with his seminary classes along with other pastors and leaders in our area, and we continue working towards Gods calling for us to move further up the coast.

Please pray for us as we face new trials and dangers in new areas and please pray for the victims of the continued violence here. Your prayers mean so much to us and they do so much more than any of us realize.

Psa 66:19 But God has indeed heard me; he has listened to my prayer.

Psa 66:20 I praise God, because he did not reject my prayer or keep back his constant love from me.

Psa 6:9 he listens to my cry for help and will answer my prayer.

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