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Big Changes!  20160531_122918

Hey guys,

I’m not very formal in writing and I enjoy writing when it’s to a close friend.  So today, instead of thinking of this as a newsletter, I’ll think of it as a letter to my friend, YOU.

This week we’ve been moving our home two hours down the coast to Belen (a little further east on the Honduran coast).  All week we’ve been packing up our home.  Our house has been full of people looking to buy whatever was not nailed down and, in some cases, what was nailed down.


Thursday: my brother-in-law, Chuck, brought his boat (a 46 foot-long, five foot wide dugout tree.)  He came to help us take a load over to Belen.




Friday: Aiden got a flu bug and was vomiting about every forty-five minutes.

Saturday: Evelyn and I got it also and Rebecca had to work extra hard taking care of us and trying to finish the packing.

Sunday night: Tristen, who is now 19 months, got the bug also.  I was too sick to help Rebecca so she was up most of the night with him.

Monday: Chuck returned with the boat and we began to load it up.  I didn’t realize that it would be so complicated to take my solar system down, but there were many things I didn’t know.  Thankfully, Chuck was there to help me out and I didn’t burn out any panels or electrocute myself.20160523_124928

Around 11:30 we were climbing in the boat and headed out.  On the way, Rebecca realized she had accidentally grabbed bug repellent lotion instead of sunscreen so we all got slightly sunburned on the way.

As we navigated through the creeks and rivers, we sang scripture songs and enjoyed our lunch.  Rebecca would periodically bail the water out of the boat that seeped in through the few small holes in the floor while I held Tristen in my lap.

About an hour into our trip, as we entered the lagoon, we ran out of gas.  The boat was heavier than planned and used more fuel than we expected.  Thankfully, we made it to the shore, and Chuck ran to find a place to buy a gallon of gas.

Around 1:30 PM we pulled into the Belen mission and everyone started to unload boxes.  Rebecca worked hard to guide and direct the flow of boxes as they piled into the house.  By the end of the day everyone was exhausted, especially Rebecca, who had born the weight of the work while the rest of us were fighting the flu bug.

Tristen didn’t pull through as quickly as the rest and seemed to worsen.  We began to get a little worried because he seemed to be getting non-responsive.  At 2:30 PM we gathered and prayed that God would help him get through.  At 5:30 pm he changed completely.  He wanted to eat, and begged for more food when he finished.  He slept well for the first time in four nights and woke up the next morning wanting to play.   GOD ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS!

Many others got the bug, but God gave Rebecca grace.  She never got sick and worked night and day getting the house unpacked and taking care of all of us at the same time.

I’m now working with Frank daily and taking advantage of the last few weeks I have with him here in Honduras.  He and Tami will be moving back to the states in the beginning of August.  It’s a great honor to be able to learn and grow under a veteran missionary such as Frank.



I’m still studying with pastors, right now we’re studying books on leadership and it’s a great challenge to us. One pastor said, “It’s easy to read all this information and know in your head how a leader should work, but it’s a lot harder to do it.”  That is so true for all of us, and I feel so grateful for the opportunities God gives me that help me practice what I am learning.

20160515_180006  For now, that is what’s going on.  We thank you so much for battling in prayer for us it means more than you know.

Thank you,

the Lloyd-Jones family.

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