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Dear friend,

Tonight I missed God. I missed His presence. I wanted Him but I didn’t know where to start.

It had been a while since I felt Him speaking to me directly. I had just finished a long lazy weekend with my children and wife, and I wanted to go to sleep yet a yearning was in my heart.  But I felt unmotivated to do anything, so I told God how I felt. I then dug out an old I-pod a friend had given me, looked up the word “Worship”, and hit play.

I lay there as each song played and listened intently.  A few songs later, tears began to flow as the old familiar words filled my ears. Through the worship I began to feel God’s presence again. Joy, motivation, and direction filled my heart as I entered His wonderful presence again. After a while I had to get up and do something; so here I am.

It’s been hard to know what to write, and that’s why it’s been so long since I’ve written a letter. Life has been so busy, and yet it’s been difficult to decide about what to write. But tonight I thought of my close friends and decided,

“I’ll write to them!”

Tonight during this worship so many old friends came to my heart. I wish I could call you right now but because of time, time zones, lack of electronics and too many close friends it is impossible. So here I am writing to you all instead.

I pray for you. I long for you to feel the presence I felt tonight. I pray that if your love for Christ is cold you would do what you need to do to get it hot again.

I pray that you would remember that our time on this earth is short, and that you would live accordingly. I pray that you would challenge your friends to grow deeper.

I pray that you would teach your children daily about God and help them cultivate a relationship with Christ. I pray that you would be motivated to see the name of God glorified in your life more than anything else.

I miss worshiping with old friends. There is something deep and powerful about worshiping in your first language with a group of friends with the same goal and purpose, and I would like to challenge you to thank God for that gift and enjoy it.

It’s sad how much we take that for granted.

As far as what has been going on down here; well, I’ll start with saying that one of the reasons we’ve been so busy is that Frank, my father-in-law, left for the States a little while back leaving me in charge.

Now, he left me with a HUGE responsibility but also with so many blessings; he left me with an amazing team, with so many opportunities to teach men, and he has left me in his established position, meaning that what I say has power and meaning. Not so much because of who I am, but mainly because of the work Frank worked on long and hard before I got here. I am so humbled at this opportunity and pray daily that I can continue to add to this great ministry God has built through Frank.

To explain just a bit; I have five workers in the hardware store that I get to counsel and guide daily, I get to partner and work alongside my brother-in-law, Chuck, who has four men in a mechanic school that we get to disciple daily.

On top of that, I get to work and study weekly with 10 leaders and pastors. Each week these men and women look to me to explain, challenge, and encourage them. WHAT AN HONOR!

What am I?

The truth is; nothing. But because of the sacrifice of my father-in-law, my parents, my home church and, most importantly, Jesus Christ, I am in this position today and God has given me the tools needed to accomplish the tasks set before me today.

Thank you to all of you who have been a part of helping me get to this place and please never quit praying for me!

I don’t have time to write about everything that is going on but here’s one of my favorite parts of my week.

Wednesday at lunch my wife and her sister make a special meal for our staff. We sit and fellowship together. We laugh and tell stories and jokes. Then we worship and study God’s word together. If I could imagine the church in Acts I would imagine the scene of me and the eleven men and women sitting around that table. Again, what an honor.

I have been so blessed to be a part of this ministry and calling. God is truly good!

I love you guys and miss you. I wish you could visit and see what God’s doing here and we could fellowship together. But if you can’t, we’ll have to wait for that awesome day when we will join in the greatest worship of all time before the throne of our great Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Have a great day!


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