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Hello once again,
For those of you who are reading this, it’s really an honor that you would take the time to do so. I know how hard it is to keep up on all the things that are going on in our friends’ lives and those of you who do that are my inspiration for writing, thank you.

Rebecca and I are doing wonderful with our work at the school and mission. The school is growing well and we are so proud of our students. We have improved in so many ways in running the school and our relationships with the parents have grown so much. Megan, Rebecca’s sister, has been doing an excellent job on teaching the kindergarten and, thank the Lord, God has provided another teacher to finish out the school year since Megan was only able to commit to the first 5 months. We had been praying for another kindergarten teacher for a while and as always God has come through and provided for our every need.
Since the beginning of the year we have seen a need for consistent youth leadership in our church here in Palacios. We have several leaders but each one seems to work sporadically with the youth and have their own idea of what the youth here need. We have been trying to unify the leadership for a while but have seen little or no improvement. Please pray for us as we continue to work in this area. The weekly youth small group has been suffering from neglect, so we have decided to hold the youth weekly small group at our mission. Please pray that God will give us wisdom on how we work at these meetings so that we will do it in a way that will inspire and include the other leaders as well as help the youth grow in their walk with God.

Next week we will be starting 4 steps of new ministry to help unify the youth and church. We will be having bi-weekly meetings with youth leaders to bring accountability and encouragement. We will be leading youth Bible studies in our home, we will also be starting monthly outreaches, using the youth to lead in these events, and we will be giving the youth weekly assignments to stretch and grow them. This will be a great challenge and new level of commitment for us. One thing I struggle with is balancing my work. If one ministry goes great another suffers from lack of attention. I am learning to balance all these things, but your prayers are a great blessing and very much appreciated.

The time we have here is so short and over and over again I find myself struggling with laziness, complaisance, and contentment in the normal. But God called us to be planet shakers! The last 2 weeks I’ve been begging God to break this off of me and give me a passion for Him. One morning as I was praying for this I heard God say to me, “What is my passion?” I answered, “People.” And He said, “Make people your passion and our hearts will be the same. When you have passion for people your passion for Me will be at it’s max.” After that I began to ask God, beg God, to give me a passion for people. Not long after that on a Saturday night around midnight I was up visiting with a friend outside when I heard a voice calling out. The voice was coming from out somewhere near the center of the lagoon. I called back out into the darkness and the voice called out again. I realized quickly that the man was probably drunk and didn’t know what he was doing. I jumped in the water and began to swim as hard as I could toward the sound of the voice. As I was swimming I spotted him in the water and asked him to come back to shore but every time I swam closer to him he would swim away and continue to call out. I begged him to stop swimming but he ignored my pleas and continued to swim away any time I tried to go near him. I was getting tired and worried that I wouldn’t have the strength to swim back. By this time my friend had gotten a small spotlight and was shining it from the shore. “Be careful! He could panic and take you down too!” He hollered to me. “I don’t care, he’s going to die without help!” I thought to myself.
I called to the man again but he was to lost to realize what was going on. “Get the boat ready!” I hollered to my friend as I started swimming back to shore. By the time I got there he had gotten out the motor and started attaching it to the boat. Tears mixed with salty lagoon water crept out the sides of my eyes as I begged God to help me find the man. We pushed out and drove toward the middle of the lagoon keeping a look out the whole time. We looked and looked but found nothing. My heart was completely broken and then I heard God speak softly to me making me realize that this is what He feels over and over again every day. He begs and pleads with us to come away from death and yet we swim full speed into it and away from Him. In that moment I was desperate to save that man but there was nothing more that I could do. I quietly asked God to help me live like this every day and thanked Him for giving me such a real view of how He feels for people. I will never forget that night and how I felt, I pray that God will help me bring as many people as I possibly can to Him.
I don’t know who that man was and after we gave up and brought in the boat we heard him hollering out further down the river. We never heard anything about a man drowning or missing the next day so we hope and pray that he survived that night and that we have further opportunity to bring him to Christ and out of death.
It’s a sobering story to end a newsletter on but I hope it challenges you to shine God’s love more and more because the day is coming soon. We love you guys and are honored to be brothers and sister with you in Christ. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Nathan Lloyd-Jones

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