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The most alarming incident…


One of the more alarming incidents was when a very high fever hit the kids with no other apparent side effects. It hit Jered first and when Megan realized it was getting dangerously high (remember we have no AC) she stripped him of his clothes and took him outside hoping he’d cool down because of the nice breeze coming off the lagoon. She had only been outside a couple of minutes when she came racing back in with Jered in her arms screaming in a voice of panic, “Becca, He’s not breathing! He’s not breathing! Do something!”

His fever had gotten so high it had induced a seizure. I immediately had her hold him under the hose while I ran cool water over his body getting his temperature down. After about 20 seconds he started to breathe again and then after another few seconds he would respond when we spoke to him.

I am ashamed to say that although I might have appeared calm to Megan, on the inside I was screaming in that same panicked voice. But praise God! Jered and the rest of our family are doing fine now thanks to the grace and mercy of God.

About two weeks after that scary incident with Jered, we decided to walk around the entire mission and just pray for, not only protection against the constant attacks of Satan, but also to thank God for how much He has given us. Since then things have settled down considerably and it truly humbles me when i think about how much God does for us when we just take the time to ask.

I shared the Proverb at the beginning of this newsletter becuase since then it has been on my heart constantly.

What does it mean for a Christian to prepare for battle? What can we do to get ready for the attacks that we know will come from Satan?


It shames me how much I take prayer for granted; how much I take God for granted. How often I think in the back of my mind, “God already knows what I need. I don’t have to get specific.”
And it is true, God does know what we need even before we know. Sometimes He has even provided before the need arises. But it shames me that sometimes I use that as an excuse not to pray as persistent, or as desperately.N L-J .1

I share this story to let you know how much your prayers truly help encourage and protect us. We truly appreciate having brothers and sisters in Christ preparing for battle with us even though they are not physically present.

Pray for the bible students. Most of them have a family, church, farms, and this class on top of it all.

N L-J 2In other news, Nathan has been taking a seminary course that he is also teaching to a few others in our area. He travels once a week for a class and then has a class here on Saturdays. It has changed our schedule around quite a lot, but with the changes we have been learning how to take advantage of everyday.

And although it can be very difficult at times, it is also very rewarding. Please continue to pray that the school can function fully and effectively without us. We are still involved with running it, but since we feel God N L-J 1calling us to move further up the coast in the next couple of years we would like to leave knowing that the school will continue to run after we have left.


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