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20170301_105134Hey everyone!

It’s been awhile since our last update. We’re doing very well; God is always protecting us and showing us his awesome grace. We’ve had an extra busy year so far and it looks like it’s going to stay that way.

In January, Calvary Christian Center, of Inverness Florida, sent a group of men here, they helped us put in a floor for a church. The pastor of the church, where we did the project, is an awesome man of God and lives a truly sacrificed life. He’s a missionary from El Salvador, and his life of service in the Mosquito Coast is incredible. I was very honored to be able to help him with this project.

Unfortunately right before the group arrived, my youngest son Tristen became deathly ill, we took him to a mission hospital (Luma de Lus) about an hour outside of the city of La Ceiba. The doctors and staff there were such a huge help and encouragement and thankfully after a very long week Tristen had recovered enough for us to go home. They believe he had a bacterial infection called Shigella. But he is doing just fine now, praise the Lord. Because of this unplanned event and all the extra work that came with it my mother came down with the group to help Rebecca and spend some time with the grandkids. It was super exciting to see her and my children were ecstatic!

20170306_153343My father-in-law came down for six weeks and we did a lot of training together with some of the local pastors and leaders. We chose these certain men because we see that they are ready for change and willing to make sacrifices. We really want to get away from the modern mentality of the church being seen as a place or building, and see revival in in the Honduran coast in the Biblical view of a church as a group of people. Here, when someone wants to plant a church, their first thought is find a piece of land. Then, it’s “Get Americans and rich people (drug dealers) to donate money for a building.” After this is accomplished the next big step is a sound system so everyone in the neighborhood can hear you preach, whether they want to or not. Because the building usually is beyond their ability to maintain the final step is securing constant donors to help keep up the building. I know very few pastors who work church plants the Biblical way (making disciples).  This is why Frank focused on training seminars this past February and March.

20170405_124145We are now trying to encourage the first steps in this process; for example, we are starting a project close by that will be a good practice ground for us. There is a Garifuna village nearby (East Plaplalla) that has no evangelical churches in it. One of the reasons for this is that they are extremely closed to any change and also have strong roots in witchcraft. It has been overlooked because the surrounding areas are easy to evangelize and this area is not. A local pastor named Luiz is working with me to start a house church in the area. Right now we are just visiting the area once a week and praying over the village; we are praying that God would show us who he wants to use and where we could meet. Our desire is to work as Paul did in Acts, spending time discipling a few people in the village and preparing them to continue the work. This is a new area of ministry for the both of us and lots of prayer would be greatly appreciated.

20170125_103436I am still studying in seminary school with the ten other pastors. We are now in our final year of study and we have had two pastors drop out this year; to complete this seminary school would be a great accomplishment and encouragement to these pastors.

Satan hates spiritual encouragement and accomplishment and seems to be working overtime to distract, discourage and separate the pastors.  Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to work towards completing our training.

Also this next month my youngest brother, David, is coming down this summer with a few close friends, to do some youth and children’s ministry. They will be working with some young Honduran missionaries from Teen Missions here in Honduras doing children’s outreach. We are really looking forward to seeing them and know that it will be not only a great encouragement to us and the people they will be working with but a great experience for them personally as well. Please keep them in your prayers as they travel and minister here this June.

Rebecca’s brother-in-law, Chuck Gehman finished his mechanic/discipleship school and will be moving with his family (Rebecca’s sister, Katie and their two girls) back to the states the 1st of June. Rebecca and I will miss them very much but are praying that another family will come and work with us here. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for that, also. (If you’d like more information on what this would entail, please contact me by email, [email protected]).


My family and I hope to visit the states at the end of October and hope to see many of you there, Lord willing. Pray that we are able to work out all the details. We have always had family in Honduras to help oversee things while we were gone but because of recent changes, planning this year’s trip has been quite the task. Pray that I will have wisdom and foresight.

If you’re reading this still, it means you’ve finished the entire letter and that is no small feat. Thank you for taking the time to listen and pray for us. We love you all,

God bless

Nathan and the family.20170123_103457 20170125_085635 20170126_103455 20170125_103436

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