Missionaries Without Boundaries /  Nathan Lloyd-Jones – March 2013

Dear Friends,

I know it’s been a while since my last update, but that’s because God’s been leading us towards some major changes in both our lives and our ministries. When I first came to Honduras my vision was to raise up disciples who would continue raising up disciples, and until now God has used the school to accomplish this vision, but this year God is calling us to expand our ministry and I’m super excited about where he’s taking us.

My father-in-law Frank has started an intense Bible training school based around an interactive study of God’s Word. He has about a dozen students that spend 3 days week studying God’s Word and what it means to be a Christian and then get the opportunity to walk out what they’ve been learning as they are sent out in groups of two to minister to the surrounding villages. The wisdom Frank has acquired over 25 years on the mission field is invaluable in guiding the students and answering any questions they might have, but his time on the field has taken its toll on his health and he needs a younger missionary to oversee the field work. I believe that God is calling me to take this position and I’m super excited about what I see as the next step in our vision.

I can’t begin to express how exciting this opportunity is to me, but before I can let myself focus on this new position, there are some concerns that I need your help with-

Rebecca and I have been running the Christian ACE bilingual school for six years now. We love it and feel the investment that the missionaries before us gave, and we ourselves have given, have been an invaluable blessing to the community of Palacios and the community of heaven, but I am unable to continue running the school in the capacity that I have been, and take this new position that Gods has made available to me. I would like to see the school running on its own, but the community is so poor that I’m finding that self-sustainability seems to be out of reach. We believe it’s possible to get the school where it’s providing for all its materials, but we still need a full-time teacher to take up the reigns of the school. This is where you come in: We are praying and asking for a couple, or a single person, to come and permanently take over the ministry of teaching and training in the school. Please share this letter with your friends and pray that God would insure it gets to the right person, and if you are that person, if you have a heart for teaching children and are asking God where he wants you to go, please contact us on Facebook or at [email protected]

Sincerely yours,
Nathan Lloyd-Jones

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