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0626171809aHello to everyone!
It’s been a very blessed and busy summer, and looks like it will continue to be until the end of the year, Lord willing.
Paul, my younger brother, and his wife, Leah, came down for a visit and got to see how the ministry works here. It has been about four years since Paul had been here to visit, and it was Leah’s first time. We really enjoyed their visit and were blessed by the fellowship that we shared while they were here.
Directly after that my youngest brother David came down with a friend, Miriam Peaster, and our cousin Alice Freeman. Both groups helped us do outreach, and although it was a busy time, it was really refreshing to get to visit and fellowship with friends and family. I also noticed that my group of pastors and the group of guys I do fellowship with were really encouraged by them as well. I felt a renewed spirit of motivation and drive come over both groups.  Also my son, Aiden, got to celebrate his 10th birthday with his favorite Uncle David. David was able to bring gifts from a lot of the family on both the Lloyd-Jones and Monterroso side, so I think it was “Best Birthday Ever!” for Aiden.
In other news, we’re still in seminary school with the pastors. We’ll be completing three years this coming April. Praise the Lord! In the program we’re doing, we’re able to take it slow and really learn the material in the courses. A lot of my time is spent on explaining words that are not in their vocabulary, or mine, for that matter. There are many words that I don’t even know in English, let alone in Spanish! But the challenge to expand our vocabulary is really good. I’m so proud of all these pastors, most of them have about a fourth grade education (and some less than that), they work farm land to get food, pastor a church, lead a family (usually 4 to 8 children), and are studying with me in college courses! It’s all God’s grace, but I’m very proud of their sacrifice and it pushes me on to give my best for them.  Because we’re taking our time, we probably have at least a year or two more before we finish our training completely.
We will be working next week with a church from New York in a Garifuna village nearby (East Plaplalla); the one I mentioned in the last newsletter. We are praying that God will open up a door while we take a week and evangelize in the village and also for God to show us who he wants to use to start a fellowship. Please pray that we will have grace and wisdom to carry out this plan, it is new ground for both Pastor Luiz and I.
Last month my main helper, Rojelio, had an emergency with his little four-year old girl. She was coming out to the main path from her home and was run over by a motorcycle. It crossed over her stomach and she was in a lot of pain. The trucks leave out to the city in the morning so she was not able to go to the city until the next day. She cried most of the night from pain.
For me, this struck very close to home because this happened to our son when he was about 5 years old. I was very worried for them and felt burdened to pray, and I also called a few close friends to pray with me. The emotion that I felt for them reminded me of a verse in Hebrews  which  helped me feel comforted.  Jesus suffered like we do (much more than we do), and because of what he went through he can relate to our suffering! What a wonderful God! The awesome testimony is that when she got to the city and was examined by a doctor she was fine other than a little internal bruising, PRAISE THE LORD! PRAYER WORKS!
My family and I are hoping to visit the states in October, Lord willing. God has answered many of our prayers for this upcoming trip and it has given us the faith to believe that He will continue to open the necessary doors in order for us to make it back to see you all.
Thank you all for your prayers! We love you all and look forward to seeing you soon,

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