Missionaries Without Boundaries /  Nathan Lloyd-Jones April 2018 Quick Update

NehemiahHey everyone,
This morning I’m riding the bus back home to the Mosquitia with my two older boys and taking advantage of the time to write a quick newsletter.

As most of you know, on March 21st we added an extension to our ministry; our little boy Nehemiah Ezekiel Lloyd-Jones was born.

My parent-in-laws (Frank and Tami) came during that time to help us with our children while I stayed in the hospital with Rebecca.

Frank encouraged me a lot in vision and personal growth. I felt a renewed excitement about what God wants to do in the Misquito Coast.

We have a graduation ceremony planned in May for the pastors who have been studying with me. I will continue to study with two of the pastors for a few more years so we can work towards a higher degree
This year we’re working on some pastor projects. I’ve spent three years studying with these pastors and some have such incredible hearts to serve. It’s been a deep desire of mine to find ways to help some of them out financially. These pastors work night and day just to survive. The average offering in a church here is about 2-5 dollars (the average day’s work is about 10 dollars). Most of our pastors farm small crops to provide basic daily food.

We will be working different projects depending on the area and the capability of the pastors. Our desire is that each project would be self-sustaining, provide some extra finances on the side, and that it would not dominate the majority of their time.

Our first two project have just been set up. The first is with Jorge Ayala. Many of you know him; he was a student in my school and has remained a close friend and ministry partner for 10 years.
The second is with Claribel, a pastor’s wife. I am really proud of her for sticking through the study with us. She has a 3rd grade education, her first language is Misquito, and her understanding of Spanish is small. She never complained once in three years, and many times when we studied together she challenged others not to complain.

My parents (Reg and Rita) came down for two weeks to help around the house and mission while Rebecca recuperated. My dad also helped me with the first two pastor projects.
The projects are small solar systems that can charge cellphones, which have many benefits. Now they have light in their house all night and every night for the first time. They will be charging cell phones for a fee of about 25¢. The money will be saved until there is enough to cover any parts that might need to be replaced such as battery, control box, ect. Then, in about six months to a year, all profits will go to help with small expenses so that they can focus on ministry more. And evening Bible studies are now hosted in the homes because they have light.

We have a busy summer coming and are looking forward to the state-side teams that will be coming to help us with outreach.

Thank you for your love for me and my family,


Aiden and Evelyn with baby Nehemiah


Working on the roof                                                                     Tristan helping out


nato 1nato 2


     Baby Nehemiah and Aiden                                     My dad, Reg, helping out

nato 4nato 6


Jorge with the first solar panels

nato 5

nato 3

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