Missionaries Without Boundaries /  Frank & Tami – Newsletter – March 2011
Frank & Tami – Newsletter – March 2011

It is good to be back.
We started off hopping. Getting the supplies from the container out to Belen and Palacios is always a challenge. We loaded up 2 trucks and drove them in to Palacios and then over by boat to Belen. We will send some of the bigger items by ship and take at least 2 more loads by truck. And getting our house back in order from not being there for 6 months took some time. Katie and Chuck were sweet and had a lot of it done for us.

Then out the door we went to Kurpa. We had a dental clinic in Wampu and Kurpa and Dr. Parolli was also able to teach some more to our local dentist, Hector. We then had a  few days to relax and get ready for our second group of 8 from our Lifepoint church in Mississippi (Our Home Church).

We have been dodging rain since our return and it makes it a mud pie in Kurpa. And with all the hills, it can get a little slippery. When Rick left (he came with Dr. Parolli), he slid down the embankment to get to the boat. He had to come back and change. Thankfully he didn’t get hurt. It is a long and windy way down.

Our next group of 8 flew into Kurpa and we had great seminars. The women are usually quiet and they really opened up and had great feedback. They were especially impressed when we had the feet washing. Then some of us flew to Belen and some of the guys took the boat down on a normally 12 hour ride which ended up being 15. They were wiped out and really sun burnt. But they said that they would not have missed it for anything.

Then another set of seminars in the Belen area. Most of the group left and then a couple stayed and went into yet another area. And in their SPARE time, they even had time to minister to us missionaries that really encouraged us. All in all it was a wonderful trip and look forward to their return.

Now we are in the city doing paperwork and getting supplies. Another group comes in a week, so getting ready for that as well. Another family has come to work with us and they are getting settled in and have been helping Becca and Nathan with the school. What a blessing. Later, they will be heading out to Belen and will be studying the language. We look forward to working with them.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. We will try to keep everyone updated as time goes by. God Bless,
The Monterroso’s

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